Lear More About Engine, Automotive And Car Industry.

Lear More About Engine, Automotive And Car Industry.

Best Car Engines 2016

Best Car Engines 2016


What makes a car engine great? A high degree of torque, ability to stand up to regular use and abuse and a well-known and respected manufacturer are all signs you’re looking at a potentially great engine. However, engine technology has taken leaps and bounds since the days of Dodge Chargers and other classic muscle cars – there are hybrid and purely electrical engines which can perform twice as well as old-fashioned internal combustion engines, and getting double the mileage for your gas money isn’t something that can just be ignored. So, these are 8 best car engines today, overall.

Not every great engine needs to be a huge 8-cylinder monster to qualify as great. In fact, considering bigger engines burn through more gasoline to take the driver the same distance, in terms of fuel efficiency, smaller engines like the Subaru WRX, which is a highly popular drive mechanism for rally racing cars. It runs on only 4 cylinders, but even with that limited number, the engine is still capable of creating drive forces equivalent to 268 horsepower – that’s more oomph than you get from many six and eight cylinder engines today. It’s curious how so much power got into such a small package.

Turbo-charging an engine can get significantly improved performance from that engine, much better than you would normally get. Next on the list is the Drive-E, or more specifically, Volvo S60 T5’s Drive-E, which is another smaller, 4 cylinder engine with a considerable 240 horsepower, once again thanks to the turbocharging process. This isn’t exactly a new engine from Volvo, but thanks to its smart design and seemingly effortless acceleration, the Drive-E promises to be the baseline for other Volvo engines for many years to come. The T6 was just beaten out by the T5 here due to reduced fuel efficiency.

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Must Have Car Accessories to Boost Your Driving Experience

Must Have Car Accessories to Boost Your Driving Experience


For many drivers, an auto is like a child, and something they like to pamper and take good care of, to keep it working for a long time. If this sounds like you, then you’ll want to read about these must have car accessories, all of which might be considered “necessities” by drivers looking to spoil their rides.

Bug or insect shields might seem like something meant only for a motorcycle, but anyone living in the South or another environment which is constantly warm, and therefore constantly loaded with bugs, would disagree with this notion. Guarding your grill is easy with one of these.

When you drive it’s not just your vehicle that moves. You can move the world around you too – or at least all of the gravel, dirt, sticks and other junk you drive over. That’s why a fender flare, or fender extender, may be useful to you. It helps to block debris from marring your vehicle’s paint job.

These days, when so many people are using electronic devices like smart phones and MP3 players, it’s good to have a charging dock for such devices built into your vehicle. Consider swapping out your tape deck or CD player for something a little more modern and useful.

It’s a shame most dealers don’t include floor mats with vehicle purchases. They’re absolutely instrumental to keeping dirt, grime and water damage from mucking up the interior of your car, truck or other vehicle. Look for something thick and heavy in plastic or rubber which is easy to wash.

I don’t know about you, but I always worry about the paint on my ride, and that’s why I try to find an auto cover, or auto blanket, that will definitely fit. These things are especially useful if you don’t have a garage and park outside. They can block some sun and water damage, keeping your coat looking great.

Don’t underestimate the positive effects of an air freshener either. These things may seem small and inconsequential, but if you’re a smoker, they can make the interior of your vehicle a lot more bearable both for you and any passengers tagging along for a ride.

I like seat covers too, at least when I care about the upholstery in my vehicle. To be fair, the only time I even consider them is if I’m driving around on real leather seats, but that’s just me.

I don’t need this next one myself, but some drivers really benefit from a parking camera or reverse sensor. These devices are great when learning how to parallel park.

I find that a GPS is pretty much a necessity now. The days of thumbing through maps in a frustrated flurry of paper and trying to find your way back to a main road are long gone.

Lastly, I’m actually really fond of the BlackOakLed 40” d-series led light bar I got for illuminating my truck. I bought it for an awesome night off-road experience and I must say, the extra lighting does wonders for my visibility when driving in darker environments.

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